Restoration shampoo

Rich in natural plant extracts, it has the dual functions : nourishing and cleansing. It can penetrate into the hair roots and form a layer to protect hair from heat or dirt, result in elastic.

Available size: 800ML

Rose oil shampoo

It infused with delicate Rose Oil primes hair by removing buildup and delicately cleansing each strand, to help provide softness and shine.

Available size: 1000ML

Rosemary Shampoo

Rosemary herbal extracts and essential oils help promote strong hair and healthy scalp. It is effective in removing impurities and dirt particles and giving hair refreshing and healthy.

Available size: 1000ML

Peppermint shampoo

It contains mint extracts and oil which can create a cool sensation to invigorate scalp. The function is to stimulate circulation and deep cleaning to get rid of oils and dirt. It is recommended to use in hot and humid summer.

Available size: 1000ML

Brightening Hair Serum

It contains a variety of plant extracts combined with keratin amino acid and jojoba oil to make hair smooth, strengthen hair and reform hair structure. It can form a protective layer while giving shineness and rishess.

Available size: 300ML

Nourishing hair cream

Formulated with wheat protein, amino acid and vitamin E, this intesive cream can restores moisture and repair parched, damaged, dry and chemically treated hair. It revives tresses and give hair silky shiny body and bounce.

Available size: 1000ML

Softening hair mask

This has exclusive professional ingredients to enhance moisturizing and repairing severely damaged or chemically treated hair. It gives hair intensive care and nourishment and recovers the hair elasticity.

Available size: 550ML

Lavender Instant Soft Conditioner

A daily hydrating conditioner infuses the hair with moisture, while maintaining its shine and luster. Lavender and rosemary oil help to calm hair and scalp and maintain the balance.

Available size: 1000ML