Chaulien Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional hair product manufacturer. Over the past 43 years, based on the needs of consumers in the market, we have accumulated rich experience of hair products' formula developments and manufacturer.

    Chaulien has always persistent in providing high-quality and high-performance products to consumers. All raw materials we used are from well-known European and American companies. Each raw material has undergone strict quality control and in line with European and American health regulations. All customers can feel comfortable and satisfied when using our products. Our factory has a professional RO reverse osmosis pure water equipment to ensure the purity of water. That is to prevent skin care products from pollution during production process.

    From product development, process planning, production equipment, to production and packaging, we have professional teams to manage and control. Pursuing high standards and designing high quality are what we do. “The conscious beauty” is our goal, and we are passionate about creating products which are close to nature and effective.

Our Standards