Everyday shampoo

This shampoo can clean daily dirt and oil in hair while infusing hair with lasting moisture and natural smell. It is a detangler strengthens over processed strands and guards agaist fading.

Available size:  1000ML

Volume shampoo

It uses hydrolyzed silk which allows better penetrate the hair shaft. In turn, it will leave your hair ultra bouncy, defined, and, most importantly, moisturized.


Available size: 1000ML

Instant softening daily cream

Damaged and dyed hair needs instant care effect. This cream can quickly moisturize hair and repair dry hair, make hair full and smooth and reconstruct hair structure.

Available size: 300ML

Balance conditioner

This deep hair care can rebuild the elasticity and luster. The essence of plant extract can naturally increase nourishment. It repairs the damage caused by blow dry and permed.

Available size: 600ML

Recovery serum

This serum helps protect hair against damage and revives its shininess. A blend of natural oils, including jojoba oil, and essential vitamins treat dry, damaged hair, infusing it with moisture and shine. 

Available size: 160ML

Enzyme conditioner

This conditioner is formulated with various enzymes that wash away dead skin cells and excess sebum. This shampoo nourishes hair and keeps them fresh and healthy. It is suitable for everyday usage.

Available size: : 150ML

Cool styling gel

This styling gel helps your curls live their best life with a natural formula that stops frizz, adds shine, and creates definition. Get a strong, yet lightweight hold with this gel.


Available size:  : 350ML

Keratin Hair Mask (with rose oil)

Contained a variety of natural plant protein and rose essential oils, it replenishes lost nutrients, prevents hair split, increase hair root healthy. It comes with 7 small bottles of rose oil which can be mixed into the cream. It is recommended to use for hair spa.

Available size: Keratin Hair Care Cream 550ml / Rose Essential Oil 15cc*7 Bottle