Shining shampoo

It is rich in hydrolyzed protein and natural moisturizing ingredients, which rearranges the inner chain of hair fiber, strengthens hair structure, helping damaged hair restoring the original luster and brightness.

Availbe size: 1200ML

Balance shampoo

Contains lotus roots, which can relax hair roots, and restore straight hair structure, fill the scales from the outside, and continue to provide moisturizing.


Availbe size: 600ML

Revitalizer hair repair cream

Contains lotus root oil and hydrolyzed silk protein to nourish hair, deeply repairs hair scales, and forms a protective film on the hair surface to provide care and nutrients for damaged hair.

Availbe size: 150ML

Lighting styling cream

With light and weightless features, use your hand to shape the desired hair style. It can moisturize, protect hair from heat, and create volume. It is a styling, repair, moisturizing and supple a four-in-one cream.

Availbe size: 300ML

Amino acid styling lotion

It is formulated with wheat proteins and amino acids for a light, creamy texture. It imparts a healthy-looking shine to hair and maintain hair’s natural moisture balance to strengthen hair and improve manageability, perfect for daily styling usage.

Avaiable size: 300ML

Instant Deep Repair

It protects hair from daily external sun, giving hair a healthy glow and suppleness. It is rich in lotus root oil and keratin for nourishing hair and make hair more shiny and dazzling, especially suitable for home spa or professional stylish usage.

Availbe size: 1200ML