Cherry blossomn shampoo

It contains cherry blossom extractand protein, which can instantly moisturize and brighten hair, and improve hair tangling and hair dryness by creating silky touch.

Available size: 800ML

Oil-control shampoo

it can effectively control oily hair and make hair brighter and cleaner than before. Smoothing shampoo gently cleanses hair while providing discipline and fluidity.

Available size: 800ML

Cherry blossom shine serum

Added cherry blossom essential oil for moisturizes damaged hair fibers, revives the natural strength of hair, providing nourishment deep into the hair and gives the hair ultimate shine, with a weightless finish.

Available size: 160ML

Cherry Blossom hair Cream

Added cherry blossom essential oil and jojoba oil for moisturizing damaged hair fibers, which makes hair softer and shiner, especially suitable for damaged and often styling hair. It can be used as leave-in hair cream or hair mask for instant hair care.

Available size: 500ML

Moroccan argan oil hair mask

Argan oil has a moisturizing effect several times higher than that of common plant protein. It has excellent repair effect on dyed, dry, damaged and split hair. It makes hair shiny, revitalized and supple. It noticeably detangles and reliably protects against split ends.

Available size: 1000ML

Scented styling cream

This cream is especial for permed hair styling. This lightweight, non-greasy cream helps protect hair from heat and humidity while giving the style you desire.

Available size: 350ML